Love at first bite

Cheese Straw Baskets

Steamed free range chicken breast and pickled button mushrooms drizzled with lemon oil in a 1” Cheese Straw Deluxe.

Product code - FF2011

Cold water Atlantic prawns and lime ginger with a dash of red chilli oil in a 1” Cheese Straw Crown.

Product code - FF2015

3” Cheese Straw Basket holding a light lemon scented salmon mousse with flaked wild peppered salmon and dill oil.

Product code - FF2030

1” Cheese Straw Basket Dlx Flaked Scottish salmon and brown lump fish caviar in a 1” Cheese Straw Dlx Case

Product code - FF2011

Roast beef glazed in a honey soy sauce topped with pickled mushrooms in 1” cheese dlx

Product code - FF2011

Roast Mediterranean vegetables tomato leaves on 1” cheddar cheese Straw case dlx.

Tomato mint and red onion salsa crowning our 1” cheese straw case

Flutted 5” Cheese Straw Basket with sliced fresh beetroot topping, creamed horse radish parmesan flakes and pickled beetroot stack.

Product code - FF2050

1” Cheese Straw Basket Dlx Steamed salmon dried lime and black lump fish caviar in a 1” cheese Straw dlx case

Product code - FF2011

Poached asparagus and quails egg together in a 1” cheese straw basket finished with toasted sesame seeds.

Product code - FF2011

Extra rear roast topside of British beef scented with freshly grated horse radish and red chilli in a 1” cheese straw crown.

1” Cheese Straw Crown filled with rear roast beef in red onion marmalade.